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Need some suggestions. I just started watching anime.


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Soo I watched some last airbender and some legends of korra, captain harlock, ghost in the shell and I love all the movies by Hayao Miyazaki(spelling?) I have a friend telling me that I should really try out Naruto. Anyways.. English only until I get more into it and don't mind reading along :)


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cowboy bebop, trigun, deathnote, ghost in the shell, fma... to name a few.

wasn't there a thread like this already?


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Naruto is long, honestly I'd skip the filler episodes...but a very good anime indeed.
Full Metal Alchemist is amazing, the movies are even sweeter.
Trigun & Cowboy Bepop are very good as well.
I would also suggest checking out Fist of the North Star...very old anime but amazing!


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Here are some of the newer series that i think are good or i know have a good following.

Akame ga kill,
ace of diamond,
Yowamushi Pedal,
Hunter x hunter,
The Irregular at Magical Highschool
Magi (somewhat diff from manga)

Highly recommend:
No Game No Life
Log Horizon
Valvrave the liberator

Some older series
The world god only knows
eyesheild 21

Enjoy man


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mm dont wanna think too much so ill stick to what first came to mind.

gonzo said fate stay/night. i agree, but the new one that just came out. dont bother with the older one haha.

so if you do that, also watch fate zero. fate zero is the prequel, tho fate stay night as an anime came out first ( the old one i said not to watch lol).
anyway hope thats not too confusing and its up to you which order to watch it in. i rec if you havent seen it just going zero -> stay/night to make it simple haha (y)

oh and shoutout to akame ga kill. def watch that too haha


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All of you rock so hard! Looks like I have a long queue now! Is there a way to add a poll with all the listed options? Just so I have somewhere to start :)

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