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Need more fun here!


The 47 Ronin
I have said this many times, we need to spice up our server!

I remember the things that kept me around the server, before the "people" it was the server itself that hooked me, quake sounds, death lazer, betting ect.

Something needs to happen here, the bland server we have now is not cutting it. the maps having very little to do with it, the mods are out there. I see them a lot with packed server all the time. I could go on an on about it and i'm am not the only one that thinks this at all. If it mess's something up then a solution should be found, not "it crashes the server fuck it"

it's a pub not match making...

A Stable Carbocation

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Not sure the server can handle more add ons. it does need to be more lively though, right now admins abusing each other is really the only quirky fun to be had!

Col. Gaspar

The 47 Ronin
Yeah I have to agree the GO server is a little bland. Most of the time those options are toggle per player so I don't think it would detract much for people who want a competitive atmosphere. It all depends on what kind of pub we want, fun and full of shenanigans or serious and more competitive.


The 47 Ronin
Im not sure how it works and some might disagree but on the csgo server when map has ended and changing there is a wait timer. during that wait it gives people a moment to realize they hungry. lol like on source it switches so fast, ill be 100% done. its time for bed. and next thing i know, im in ct spawn with an M4 in my hand gettin ready to rush long.........half hour later. :challengeconsidered:


The 47 Ronin
It does not matter what is added to the server, the play style will depend on the players. the only thing we dictate for a fact is what is there and what is not. I an many have spent countless hours on the source server back in the day and it had all those mods and there some nights it was fun time and others it was serious. the server can handle a couple scrips, and it can always be disabled by the person it's too easy.


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* The rules of this server are too strict, making it not so fun and funny.
* As dp said, the server has become too competitive(?) for casual players.
* Maybe the game itself is no longer attractive.
* Everyone got old, and the young ones like other games.

I remember when we could spray all kinds of pictures (if offensive spray over it) and decoys.
Camping was OK, anywhere, anytime. Talk all you want, sing, whatever.
The rules were less stricter. It was more fun for mediocre casual players like myself.

Make some block of times for competitions, casual shoots, farting around, etc.