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The 47 Ronin
So I replaced my last Fractal card with the Thermaltake Riing and it pushes a lot more air, its not PWM, but I can control the speed through the mobo Q-Fan...so its not a big deal. The fans make a bit more noise but the case seems to run a lot cooler.
I ordered a 2 pack but fucking Amazon sent me 1 fan, I requested to have the other fan overnighted to me tomorrow.
Did you get on their chat and talk to someone?

I'm loving the 1080 so far. Running games at 1440p at ultra and having perfect FPS is nice.


The 47 Ronin
Should be at 4K buddy
Even though the 1080 is actually holding some games at 60fps.. Digging out my 4k screen from storage is WAY too much work haha. Plus, these Asus ROG Gsync 1440p screens look amazing.


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4K is nice, but not ideal for FPS games yet.
I think we gonna see better 4k monitors coming out next year, but I'd want to see better and faster refresh rate for 4k monitors in the future.