Need help w/ Laptop Screen

el jorge loco

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Alright, so I just dropped my laptop... and now the screen is all pink. I had this problem before when I first got this computer, but then it mysteriously fixed itself. But that was a year and a half ago, and the warranty on this has run out.

I'm pretty sure it came with either a weak or poorly connected inverter in the laptop screen and the jolt of me dropping it has weakened that link again. Can anyone help? I can see okay with it, but everything is a shake of weird (pink where white should be, etc.)
not much you can do for a laptop other than try to take it apart for yourself. Most have integreted or video cards you cant remove and it sounds like it's either loose or the pixels are way out of wack. Other than that, not much you can do.


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^ what he said.
I had pixels on my alienware laptop, they had to replace the whole top part...I was lucky I was still under warranty.
I am sure you will have no problem finding a cheap laptop for school...if that's what it used for.

el jorge loco

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Definitely not pixels. Pretty sure it's either a bad inverter or a damaged backlight. My cousin is gonna inspect it and get any necessary replacement parts
George, it could be three things. Bad inverter, damaged backlight or you damage the top controller board of the screen. Damaged controller board is pretty rare that it would still be working so that's probably ruled out.

You can't really damage an inverter from dropping your screen, just due to construction it's pretty hard to do. The only thing you can do to inverters is touch the coils and that sometimes kills them. Inverters can just go bad, but most stop working after a while when bad and you can hear noises some of the times when bad.

I would say it's bad backlight, which means you're going to have to replace the whole screen.

So my suggestions: inverters are cheap, you can try them first. If that doesn't work then you can purchase the panel and swap it out of the bezel. Or if a whole screen is available it's sometimes easier to replace the screen with the bezel and hinges.

What is your exact laptop model? and what was your screen resolution? I might be able to help you out.

el jorge loco

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Yeah, my cousin determined it was a bad backlight. When I got the device it had the same problems, but it "magically" went away after 3 shutdowns. The drop itself wasn't too bad (louder than the actual damage would have been), but I guess the impact just made the faulty part go poop.

Anyways, it's a Lenovo Y550p, screen reso is a strange 1366x768. My cousin already ordered the parts (or should have). I need to call him up on it.