Need a good suggestion on anime

I have watched DBZ and DB and are my favorite anime series, Im having a hard time finding another anime/menga thats very addicting and is intended for older viewers. Nothing really seems to jump out at me and was wondering if you guys could give me your favorites!


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You want something similiar to DBZ? Bleach is really really good. and if your just starting out, put some time aside to watch atleast 50 episodes at a time, the first 150 are very.. very addictive. after that it kinda goes meh, fillers are super boring.

Naruto shippudden has an excellent storyline, maybe not AS powerful as bleach/dbz because there more about technique. The lack thereof makes up for it in technique though.
I agree with Fuzion that you should probably check out Bleach if you want something like DBZ. They are NOT the same but are similar is ways. If not Bleach there are Naruto and One Piece which are all from weekly shounen jump.

If you're looking for something more old school like back in the 90's you should check out Yu Yu Hakusho, Flame of Recca, Hunter x Hunter, or even Ronin Warriors. All aren't like DBZ but are in the same genre of shonen anime and have lots of similarities.

These are just off the top of my head and theres plenty more but heres a website where you can filter their anime listing to things you're interested in watching.

Anilinkz has a bigger listing of animes so you might want to check them out which also includes sorting by genre.
I liked Inuyasha, then I liked it more when they ended the series with InuYasha: The Final Act 26-parter.
Man I used to love DB, then I saw ones such as Death Note, The first Act of GunGrave, the 2nd act not so much.
TRI-GUN!!! Now that needs to be watched. Cowboy Bebop. These are just well known ones. There are so many more that are good, but under the radar.
The intro and outro really make the shows too.


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don't know much about anime (you need to talk to my daughter, president of her high school anime club, for that), but i LOVED the movie Ninja Scroll......

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Ninja Scroll was a real trip.

To be honest, it really depends what kind of genre you enjoy. Like any television series, anime is just as diverse. I'm really into Giant Robot/high-tech/sci-fi genres of Anime, so I naturally gravitate to Gundam, old-school Voltron, even Code Geass: LeDouche of the Rebellion (see what I did there?!?!). If there's a bit robot with a crazy insane mega-particle cannon for absolutely no reason, I'm there. WHAA?!
Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. I would say its top 5 animes of all time. 64 amazing episodes.

Also if you haven't, Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo.


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i agree with brotherhood, cowboy bebop, some gundam, the ninja scroll movie, death note and i really think trigun would be a good bet. hate inuyasha though. sorry haha.
personally my top 5 are as follows:
speed grapher (good story, great ending)
tehxnolyze (kinda dark, another good ending, very thought provocative but starts out slow)
elfen lied (gorey... not for a weak stomach, but great action and story)
gun grave (kidna mafia sci-fi... so yea)
tenchi muyo (lol lame as hell, but funny... kinda like a sci-fi version of love hina