Need a good headset,afordable price?

holy shit. yea My bro got this when it was 150 bucks, the leather started ripping off the ear pads which you dont even need... and he got another one sent to him, I have his old one and its just an amazing headset for gaming... the sound quality is terrific.


The 47 Ronin
Dam my G330 just broke yesterday AGAIN! Stupid logitech made it with cheap plastics the headset part broke again and Frys wont let me exchange since i already did for the same reason >.>
This is gonna ruin my hair but i think its worth it XD
Dam my G330 just broke yesterday AGAIN!
dude every time I buy a headset that is shaped like that... (one that isnt super clunky) they end up breaking... ive had my g35 for really long and its just an amazing headset, its a bit heavy at first but you get used to it..
if you need a new headset or are looking to buy a better one for gaming, I would go with this for what price they are selling to us.