Nathaniel Fick: The Making of a Marine Officer book signing @Santa Clara Univ 9/23

for those of you 47r and regulars in the bay area, one of my favorite military authors is doing a book signing this week. Nathaniel Fick is the author of One Bullet Away and is mentioned in Evan Wright's book, Generation Kill (same name as the HBO mini-series). If your interested, the event is free. Just go to the link below. i'll definitely be there!

Nathaniel Fick: The Making of a Marine Officer
Upcoming Events: | Commonwealth Club...
Location: St. Clare Room, Santa Clara University Library, 500 El
Camino Real, Santa Clara
Time: Noon program, 1 p.m. book signing
Cost: FREE

-jp, aka MBenson
Oh man I wish I could go to that. His book kinda spurred me into joining the Marines above other branches, and got me to look into OCS.
Hey Saint,

I think TCC has video archives of all their speaking events. So there is a possibility of catching it later. Also I'm going to Barnes & Noble to pickup a copy of his book to have him sign it. Do you want me to get a copy signed for you too? Message me if you want me to or not.

jp, aka MBenson


Staff member
my brother bought that book, along with generation kill after the HBO series came out. Might have to start reading it.