Naruto Chapter 551 - May contain spoilers!

If you do not read the manga stop right here!

Just finished reading this chapter. Discussion/predictions of next issue time?

I thought the triple attack part was pretty sick. Seeing Naruto being able to use his wind element: rasenshuriken now without the hazards of when he first learned and used it is so bad ass. As for how the chapter ended I can't really make any predictions from it. I hope they go back to the Gaara fight though!

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The 47 Ronin
from what i see i dont think it might just go back to gaara just yet. since they didnt finish off itachi or now what is going to happen next on his part since pain is gone. also what is madara next move and who will he go for first. also where is sasuke. didnt see him in any part so far.
I'd be happy with anything that happens next. Naruto has never EVER disappointed me since its release. I just mentioned Gaara because he's my favorite character. On the note of Sasuke, thats also true. Itachi was talking about him so maybe the following chapters might finally include him since he's been MIA for a while. Sasuke is like my least favorite character though, I don't like him at all lol. Just my opinion though.
Danzo was the best character in the whole freakin manga and they offed him. Naruto and Sasuke both bug the hell outta me. But I still love the manga because it is amazing. I wanna know what's gonna happen with Yamamoto. He was pretty big character also who just disappeared off the map. There is a shit ton going on right now. it's crazy