Name changing hackers issues!


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Recently I've noticed an increase in name changing hacker, I am currently looking for an option to fix this... I'll come up with something tomorrow..


The 47 Ronin
use to help grab that haxor's steam id for the easy ban. A lot easier and safer than the _admin command.
Yup Dallas thats what i usually do as well now. Today had a namechanging aimbotter took me haze and ace to find his steam id and ban this fag

ace ninja

The 47 Ronin
i remember how to ban this hackers and when i do i ban them very fast. all name changing hackers have a space after their name and also look for a user with a space only for a name. that is how you find out their userid for the ban

el jorge loco

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Or just go to hlxstats and type in your name when you see the name change hacker. The one that has a different picture from you is the hacker.