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My Review of Destiny


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All the top gear costs crucible marks (between 65 and 120 per item) earned through multiplayer, making my huge pile of money worthless, and they cap how many crucible marks you can get each week (100) and i got that yesterday (4 days). Also that gear is almost impossible to upgrade because it requires ALOT of certain items that are very rare PLUS a massive number of items you have to run around each planet to get. Im talking like 80 Spirit Blossoms which would take about 3 hours of JUST running around the maps picking them up off the ground. And thats 80 per piece of armor. So, a full set would take 72 Ascension Shards (Ive gotten just 2 so far after 5 days) plus 320 Spirit Blossom equivalents (it took me two hours of doing nothing else to collect about 70 and its literally just running to the next little glowing plant and picking it up). As a level 25 I cant even have fun killing any guys that might be near the Spirit Blossoms because I just one shot them and it will take me about 5 months to get 72 Ascension Shards. That would be fine if there was any other incentive for me to keep playing after getting the curcible mark max for the week.

It seems like bungie asked themselves, how do we get people to keep playing. The answer they came up with? Force the player go through timed caps and pure horrible tediousness that would take months just to upgrade items they already have. That way the have to keep playing. We will throw in a new mission once a month or so to keep em happy.

Never got to play enough in beta to have a clue what the end game was or could of been. I will comment and this new age version of gaming gratification that is being forced, or is it demanded of, of the consumer. As much as I loved the first couple Diablo games, I quickly tire of repetitive game play where my actions are less about precise timing, spell\skill selection and teamwork and more about MASS DPS man!!

Some of my most memorable times gaming were accomplishing two insane tasks in two separate MMO's.

In Everquest, there were many crafting quests that required lots of insane work to complete. One of those I began working on when I took up.. crap it might of been brewing, when I started playing the game. It required doing several hundred sub quests gathering a ton of ingredients and many required venturing into extremely dangerous zones, even at max lvl, so mini raids required. Soon enough you would get folks doing similar stuff in the same zone and begin weekly runs at a specific time to complete that weeks work. People would come and go in the set group but it stayed consistent and we ran twice a week about three hours for each run. It took me the better part of four years to earn that stupid effing item and for the life of me I can't recall if it was a ring or a cloak LOL, but it was a major status symbol and very few people ever completed the whole quest. The item itself was just a symbol, it was a shiny piece that let others know you been around and knew your shit, you never wore it into battle. Looking back it kind of sounds stupid but led me to meet the group I finally stayed with for that four years, I was the youngster in that group, and the group dynamic kept it lively and fun even the task at hand was tedious as hell.

The trouble is, we live in a world with folks that have nearly zero imagination and have a "I need it now!" mentality. Not tossing that specifically at you, Josh. This is how we ended up with WoW being the mega hit it became, make the runs simple enough to keep em coming back for more. Once they get that thing release ten more, rinse repeat.

The other major game I feel is one of my better accomplishments was in Final Fantasy 11. Most people found that game just weird and strange, it was but had the most unique world with by far the most complex battle and magic system ever implemented in an MMO that I have tried yet. It took me the better part of two years to be proficient with the magic system, not only is it complex number of spells but each is based on a specific element (earth, wind, fire..). So, trying to sleep a mob that was light based and using a sleep, root, mez or such that had the same element, the spell would probably not hit and if it did would wear off quickly. You actually had to know the mobs and the character you were playing to do well at this game.Every system in this game was complex, nothing came easy here, the big battles were nasty, required a top notch group to accomplish or else you would find yourself home porting before you knew what hit you. Some of the cost to enter, yes you had to buy your way into certain battle grounds and one, Dynamis, cost 1 million gil for a single raid to enter, more than I earned in one year playing the game. By the time I quit I had beat most of the major battle grounds except a couple of the most difficult and longest to achieve, that game had so much content all it needed was a graphics overhaul, not that turd they foisted on us, FF14. In the end I had about the best gear for my Black Mage, Samurai, Monk, Ranger, thief and Ninja, and every piece was damned hard to come by, nothing was a simple dropped item that was picked up after winning the lot for it, you usually had to gather crafting materials to turn it into something wearable, hard to come by and damned tedious at times, until you earned it :-P

One of the guys I met early on when I didn't know my ass from a hole in the ground in FF11, he was a thief and I was a ninja, we could duo most low level mobs pretty easy and worked quite a few timed runs for gear together. Early on, after hitting lvl cap, he wanted an item called a "thiefs knife" It was a .05% drop from a pretty damned hard battle called BCNM (Burning Circle Notorious Monster) 100's of these and they are timed and ass kickers. We did this run for him for almost three years straight for him, could only do it once a week, before that effing knife dropped. By the time it dropped three expansions had been released and the knife no longer was needed as wearable gear but he was not walking away from that game until he earned that knife, I respected him for his fortitude and did about 70% of the runs with him.


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If its like Borderlands 2 I think I'll wait. Borderlands 2 was pretty short and all the items were too easy to get. I heard WatchDog wasnt as good either making me sad :(

Joshua Lein

its almost nothing like Borderlands 2. I was just comparing the size of the world. I want to reiterate that I enjoy this game. I just took on a level 28 (impossible mission) with one other guy and beat it. after much trial and error we found the strategy and with some unbelievable play from him when I got cornered we beat it and it was insanely satisfying. I'll always remember that mission but ill also remember I did it to get ascendant shards and only got ascendant Energy, a different and useless thing. It was one of the most difficult video game challenges I have ever completed and I got essentially nothing. Obviously the experience was worth the effort but it still is annoying.