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My New computer build :)

Col. Gaspar

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Agreed, that and Haswell has serious hit or miss issues when it comes to overclocking. You could get one that will oc to 4.8 ghz or one that will only oc to 4.1 ghz

4-5 generation gap is when I atart to consider an upgrade. At least then there will be about a 50-75 percent increase in performance

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The 47 Ronin
I can only dream of having something like this.....-_-..... I'm stuck with a macbook pro for at least another 2 years....-_-......


The 47 Ronin
Ghonzo, get a used one. Check [H] and AT. I usually get all my high end boards there when the first kids on the block do their 6mo upgrade to the latest and greatest. ;)


The 47 Ronin
Agreed, SandyBridge is still very GOOD.
If you're building a NEW computer then yeah!! go for the latest. But I wouldn't upgrade to Haswell from Sandy or Ivy
Yep still very good CPU no need to upgrade to Haswell. But hard to find a good z77 mobo my p87 been giving me some trouble.


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Did you sell your HD7970 and upgrade to something else?

I sold my 7970s for $400 each + $150 for the waterblocks and decided to go for GTX780 and had some money left for the kid's Xmas presents. Since I think the price different between the TI and the 780 doesn't justify for the cost difference.
I am rocking at 1200 mhz.........I will try to hit 1300mhz sometimes soon.
Not yet, I want to though.