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My name is... oh wait... lol


The 47 Ronin
Hey all, gamer tag is MellamoTEK which is a play on words basically. "me llamo" (pronounced "me-yamo") being spanish for "my name is" and TEK just fits me because I'm a huge techie.

Real name's Chris - I've been playing CS since it was just a mod for the original half-life. Started out with a Seattle based group called [WaRZ] on Wargamerz.com - of which I was a server admin as well as one of the website admins. The clan and server regulars were a great group of people 'n I miss 'em a lot but I feel a lot of the same camaraderie here at 47R that I experienced there, so I'm happy I began playing on this server recently.

I'm 34, have 3 daughters and work in IT for a telecommunications company doing wide-area network maintenance on DSL infrastructure/network devices. Most of my time at work is spent finding, reporting and resolving network outages remotely and assisting co-workers and other NOCs/groups with issues. In my personal time I love gaming, anime/manga, watching movies and hanging out w/ friends/family to have fun.

Aside from that, I don't really know what to say when talking about myself but feel free to ask questions - I has answers!