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My 10 year old Boy gaming rig


The 47 Ronin
90% done:

2600K + Asus P67
4GB Ram
Ocz 850W Z-series PSU that KYU didn't want :p
Used left over water cooling parts that I savaged into a completed water cooling system

Overclock coming soon!!! :)



The 47 Ronin
Your 10 year old son has a better PC than the majority of us. I'm gonna talk to you when I get my next build going, wanna water cool it and you must help me!


The Ronin Enforcer
The 47 Ronin
im with doob. next build i do im gonna need some help with setting up water cooling. not noob to building pcs. just never done it before.
anyway thats dooope! lucky him! :D


The 47 Ronin
Lol holy crap that build is like 5years better than my laptop XD

Why dont you throw an SSD while your at it Hunter?? :p


The 47 Ronin
Why dont you throw an SSD while your at it Hunter?? :p
I didn't spend a single dime building this rig, these are just my old PC parts from my closet. Even the case was free from a friend.

SO a SSD will break my 1 dollar budget :)


I'm trying to overclock my computer using the AMD Overdrive program. I've already tried to do it in the bios. (But I couldn't get the area to highlight so as to make any changes). I'm having the same problem in the AMD overclock program. I have anAMD Phenom 9550 (Code name Agena)Quad core processor with a AM2+ Socket (940) Core speed now is:2200.2 Mhz, FID is 11.0x,and my HT link speed is 1800.1Mhz, the VID is 1.250V. any ideas?


The 47 Ronin
If you really want that SSD tell your son mr. piggy bank is going on a diet!! cough it up! :cool: