My 10 year old Boy gaming rig


The 47 Ronin
90% done:

2600K + Asus P67
4GB Ram
Ocz 850W Z-series PSU that KYU didn't want :p
Used left over water cooling parts that I savaged into a completed water cooling system

Overclock coming soon!!! :)



The 47 Ronin
Your 10 year old son has a better PC than the majority of us. I'm gonna talk to you when I get my next build going, wanna water cool it and you must help me!


The Ronin Enforcer
The 47 Ronin
im with doob. next build i do im gonna need some help with setting up water cooling. not noob to building pcs. just never done it before.
anyway thats dooope! lucky him! :D
I'm trying to overclock my computer using the AMD Overdrive program. I've already tried to do it in the bios. (But I couldn't get the area to highlight so as to make any changes). I'm having the same problem in the AMD overclock program. I have anAMD Phenom 9550 (Code name Agena)Quad core processor with a AM2+ Socket (940) Core speed now is:2200.2 Mhz, FID is 11.0x,and my HT link speed is 1800.1Mhz, the VID is 1.250V. any ideas?