MTV: Jersey Shore

I'm with Ice and Jenn....shit is hilarious!
even though reality Tv is a joke and has ruined Television to a certain extent, it is still funny as fuck.
its hilarious that those people actually act that way....fucking pathetic comedy
and our world has become obsessed with drama... = 9 million viewers or w/e


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Yep, hell if I got paid to do all that stupid crap I would have...
Yes it would make me look stupid and dumb, but hey!
These kids are getting paid millions, and I think the highest paid person right now is Sitch.


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The Situation is getting paid a lot more than the other cast.
I can't stand the guy, he thinks he is all that.
He stunk @ the comedy roast of Donald Trump

I don't watch any of this stuff. In fact, the only thing I watch on TV is local NEWS, sports, Speed Vision, History channel, and the military channel. The last time I watched an actual show was years ago...