mp3 player

Does anyone have any good suggestions on a mp3 player? I already know ipods exist, so suggesting one doesn't really help. I wanna see if there's anymore out there of good quality. Preferable something with lots of memory, I drive two and a half hours per day for school and I drive for another five hours for work most days.


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hmm wish i could help but ive never used anything besides an ipod/iphone and now my cellphone [atrix] that has 16gb onboard and i added another 16gb card for a grand total of 32. but wasnt the Zune the ipods biggest rival at one point? my old roomie had one and i gotta admit i liked the zune store thingy better than itunes. it was like a pay one sum a month and you can grab whatever albums to put on your zune [but your zune only] and switch em in and out whenever. that was like a year ago though not sure how it is now.