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The 47 Ronin
sup fellas! well, i'm no longer on XP, lol, and when i switched i forgot my forum pw. when i got around to resetting it, i couldnt post anything cuz the forum was broke :cry:
I mean I play on either RealGamerz or SFA. Some of us got banned by the admin there because they were at a cybercafe. Also, someone thought @Ghonzo hacks XD
I'd join you some nights, but I'm banned, lol.
Been busy for sure. I don't see it slowing down soon, but if I find some CS time, I'll stalk @el jorge loco and join in. ;)
If you guys are not on Real, i'll join you, lol.
lol, real life can be so busy... but then again, I'm usually online most nights
I'm on steam, but ever since I switched out of XP i haven't played anything. WaPao installed Fortnite, but that game makes me dizzy, lol.
I'm still here, I come in and check almost weekly just to see whats new.
Got any parts for sale? :p
At least a few of us are on facebook together, so that's cool. @FuZion can get to see all the ridiculous food I eat. XD
I rarely check fb ever since they decided to force the news feed full of shit i didnt want to see. Actually, I rarely checked it before that, haha.
I miss you guys too, but life just keeps getting busier. Recently, my wife and I moved(we're still in LA), both of us found new jobs, traveled to Japan, and my son was born this past Feb. I don't get a lot of free time during the week anymore.
I miss the old days of binge playing CSS.
Havent been able to rebuild a new pc, throw in a baby and some surgeries and bam no more time to play much...
Yah, I hadn't upgraded in a while either, but when I finally got my hip replaced, it gave me time to do more than just an OS upgrade. :LOL: