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Im alive but dont get on forums pretty much ever. Too busy with school and shit. I still talk to Ace, Vanish, Doob, Loco, Nightrider, and some others from time to time.


The 47 Ronin
Been busy as well with work and running a small company with my cousins out in Korea and in the State side. CSS and GO pretty much got boring for me and the wife wanted to play different game together. Im still on League of Legends (ID: Wongtongstyle) or Overwatch. Playing with the car more now than gaming sadly :(

Still miss everyone and the good old days when we were at full force. If you guys want to meet up or play in Overwatch just hit me up.
I might be planning on building another gaming rig to start preparing for BF and Cyberpunk 2077 in the near future

el jorge loco

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I know that buddhist and I are getting the new Gundam Breaker game on PC when they finally (or actually) release it


The 47 Ronin
Havent been able to rebuild a new pc, throw in a baby and some surgeries and bam no more time to play much. The good'ol days of towers of power and rushing mid to c.t. spawn with enon were fun. I do play killing floor 2 and the division on ps4 but thats it. Glad to see you all of you doing well!!