Moving on...


The 47 Ronin
Competitiveness is still alive here! ROFL. A-Rich, did you finish your N2 cooled PC yet? Let's see some pic's.
:D That must've been someone else. I'm too lazy for that. I did get a GTX 1060 though, but more so I could earn a nickel's worth of bitcoin while my computer is idle. :p
It was a lot of fun! I play PUBG from time to time but for the most part I am busy with the kiddo or work. I miss not having as many responsibilities thought!


The 47 Ronin
I'm still around. Me and @Nutbutter play CSGO MM pretty frequently, otherwise I don't really game with any 47R members much these days. Been messing around with streaming and dota 2 lately. I'm terrible at both hah
Sad to see the clan no longer in full strength but then again things change. Hell i disappeared for quite sometime as life got hectic and gaming became harder and harder. George originally recruited me for 47R a decade ago and i had a blast playing over the years with you fine gentlemen.

Ill always look back and have the good old memories! From back in the day with the ancient pre-historic days of 1.6 with the shield to the CAL tournaments we all tried out best to represent in.

Hope all is well with everyone and if you ever see me logged into steam dont hesitate to link up for a round or two!