Movies that will suck, but you might watch... or hate so much you die a little

Final Destination 5 and 30 Minutes or Less are the two new movies I know will suck, but I just kinda wanna see it.
Conan too... ain't Arnold though.

Spy Kids: All The Time In The World in 4D makes me angry to know that this exist.

I was confused, I thought Fright Night and Shark Night were gimmick previews like on Tropical Thunder, but sadly no...
My wife loves all new movies when they come out , good or! I have no choice but to get dragged through it. It's okay at times since I can catch up on some sleep in the theater. Long story short, I will see all the big movies whack or not.


The 47 Ronin
How can you say you know 30 Minutes or less will suck? Any movie with Nick Swardson or Danny McBride has been hilarious in my book. What movies do you think are going to be good then?
Danny Bride in "Your Highness"... Ka-Blam... shot myself! I am not a fan of his character, more or less the same.

Oh, I will watch 30 Minutes or Less. My expectation is just low.

Damn it snowman, post in the damn movie forum if you see a movie.