Movie im working on...

So as most of you already know im working on a movie for the past few months and ill b with the crew up until the 15th of this month. 12 hour days, hour commute each way, basically sucks my ball sack. Anyways today im chilling on the set (its an independent film so its not a huge set) and im talking to this british dude for what was probably around 45min. I know we had some actors that had been in some movies before but i didnt know this guy was an actor cause i asked him what he was doing there and he said working. Finally after he gets up after being called over i asked someone who he was and it turns out it was Jake Weber who played the main character in Dawn of the Dead! I knew he looked and sounded familiar.

Just funny i thought, i should get him to sign me a l4d poster or something right?!?!
That's why they are called leaks. No one knows how it happened, just that it did. Send to my facebook then I'll send it to Ice then Ice will send it to Cup to greggo and so forth until it winds up here. That way it can't be traced.