Motorcycle Thread.


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Having a bike is hella fun if you have a group of people riding with you. I did have a 600CBR Suzuki 2005 but got ripped off when i was in DC. I support all riders and it really makes you aware of all cyclists after you have ridden a bike. So please be mindful of all riders and enjoy the ride yourself. I can't ride any longer since my accident but damn do I miss riding. I do have 2 helmets from Shoei and jackets from Suzuki. If anyone want them let me know...

Pretty sure you meant GSX-R as that would be an appropriate Suzuki designation. The CBR is a Honda line moniker and has been around a long time in one form or another. These days the kids just call em Gixxers for the Suzuki.

My point of view within the bike i work on are from what i personally experienced on the field.
These are the categories as follow:

Honda Cbr 1000- (08-10) nice bikes to work on... pretty light for a 1000cc and i thought it would be nice if i was going to slap a stablizer on the bike but there is a system that is built in to resist the "tank slapping"

Kawasaki ZX-10R - (04-05) are a pain in the ass... i kinda suck at re-wiring or soldering but probably thats just me.

Suzuki GSX-R 1000 (08-11) Well the new gsxr 1000 has the same powerout put as the busa does pretty much everything is better about it except if you start doing heavy modifications for drag racing then the busa will come far out ahead...

Yamaha YZF R6s (06-08) I love those bikes! My boss would usually take me to the track and have me witness him lapping everyone on a 1000cc... why? his bike was modified maxed to the performance to sustain consistent turns because if people ride the bike as is on the track from when it was purchased without any track/race modifications then parts like stock fairings would have a huge impact on the weight of the bike...especially in competitions.