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I just noticed that there are ads on top for motorcycles in this thread :)
That's awesome!
Seems the website uses dynamic linking for ad space. Pretty cool but it usually pulls up Motorcycle Warehouse and these guys are boarderline turds.

I would say that $1,000.00 for gear is leaving parts of the body unprotected. But I am an old fart who has been down twice on the street and countless times on a dirtbike. The being down twice on pavement was a dual-sport, XL600, mixed with mass amounts of alcohol and the one and only time I ever did that. There is absolutely no room in riding and mixing of alcohol, equilibrium is just too damned important and riding requires a high level to be safe. Even when I am out farting around I wear my gear and the only time I have been seriously injured was out at Clear Creek, had a head on with some asshole racing on the main road. That was one very expensive outing as I did not carry any insurance on my dirt bikes at the time and the asshole fled the scene with me unconscious on the side of the trail. If I ever found out who was responsible I would probably the shoot the fucker. It was a hot day and I chose to wear my lighter open face helmet, no flak hacket and some lighter pants with no guards, it was messy and expensive lesson. Prior to that I have had get-offs at 50+ MPH with just slight bruising, good gear does make a difference.

I would agree 100% with what Mack suggested, get a decent sporty bike and put 10K miles on it to get comfortable with riding on the street. Once you are comfortable with the current bike look for a bike that meets your needs. There is a huge difference in a bike with 100HP and one with 150+HP, the 100HP bike is fun, sporty and you would have to work at it to get in trouble. The 150+HP bike will get you into trouble so quickly it is truly scary and having a tank-slapper at 70 is no fun, even if you are not run over by following traffic.

Mack, on the bike I am looking to get it has to be a good tourer, good half-assed sport bike, good dual-sport and manage decently with crosswinds. The KTM was probably in the front running but a couple things turned me off. Numerous folks have had trouble with the 990 series due to shitty fueling maps and surging (this would drive me fucking bonkers!!). The 990 from what I have heard is pretty piss-poor in cross-winds or any high wind situation. The soft bags are preffered for me anyway as I hate hard luggage, so Wolfman or Giant Loop would be in order. A couple of the bikes I am seriously considering are the Triumph 800XC, the BMW F800GS, the Super Tenere from Yamaha and yes the Ducati MTS1200 is still in the running though it might be a tad too street oriented for me. Husky and Honda both are releasing an adventure style bike this week at EICMA so we will see what their offerings are.



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I've owned three bikes in the past 3-4 years:
1998 honda CBR 1100 (blackbird)
2008 GSXR 1000
2008 Yamaha R1

I have to say, out of the three, the gixxer 1k was my favorite. Had that bike for 2 years. I'm set on getting another gixxer 1k.
I don't know about you, but I would get bored very quick with a 600. I even got bored with my 1k so I started modding.

Odd assortment as there are two litre sport bikes and the Blackbird. I wouldn't mind puting the two litre bikes through their paces on a closed course, that Blackbird I would love to see how quickly I could make it to Yellowstone and back. Never ridden one but those Blackbirds are still held in high reguard by folks who love sport touring bikes. One of the finest examples of big motor and wide power band plus one of the most stable backbones and have seen several basicaly stock ones with odometers well past 100,000 miles. Pretty cool stuff..

As I said in my post, I am dirtbike guy. Started off on a Trail 50 going through several dozen bikes by the time I was twenty. The last couple bikes were pretty much setup to ride one place and that was Clear Creek. Clear Creek is about fifty miles South of Hollister, CA on US HWY 25. It had about 120,000 acres of open range riding that some what looks like a mix of So Cal desert and a touch of the Badlands tossed in for good measure. The weapon of choice for almost 15 years was an open class CR500. I had several models that each had massaged motors and cooling systems to deal with the extreme riding conditions for Clear Creek. My best guess is that my fairly heavily worked motor was puting out about 63 peak horsepower in a package that weighed about 240lbs wet. Do the math compared to some of these nearly 600lb sport bikes and they barely beat out my single cylinder two stroke in horse power per pound. The best part is my CR500 could go from 5hp to all 63hp in the slightest fanning of the clutch. With fresh knobbies on that bike it could sling ten pound rocks out the ass end hard enough to dislodge any fool trying to pass me :-P And no sport bike I know is capable of doing near vertical climbs in ankle deep powder.

Clear Creek was closed several years ago by the BLM, fight for your rights or your hobby is next, due to some bullshit about asbestos (cryosite is a natural mineral in most soils on the Western states). Last year they did open up five main roads (calling these things roads is an oxymoron, to get through the park you would need something fairly decent on ground clearance alone) and I have been running these fairly regularly as my sole source of decent dirt.



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This day is awesome. I just talked to my cousin and I'll be taking over his 07 Ninja 250R for the time being and I'll be saving and picking up the 07-08 cbr600rr whenever I have decent amount of money saved.

I am excite and yeah I really need to get some gear. I'm about to splooge on gear
Fast, the 990 fuel issues can be solved with a power commander. Most people try and use the ghetto g2 throttle tube but one you throw a power commander and a good map its smooth as butter. I own the 950 which is carberated and its also smooth as all hell. best throttle response of all my bikes! As far as cross wind goes, its actually not that bad at all! I find myself having more issues with crosswind on the harley and even the r1 more then i do on my adv.

For you, and its hard to convince somebody over the internet, but with my personal experience its all about the bikes in the following order. 950adventure (but it costs alot to maintain if you dont do it yourself). Vstrom (poor mans adventure but its really an all around bad ass bike with little to no flaws! absolute BEAST). 1200 GS, i hate em but they do ride great, not so good offroad but onroad they are a real weapon. 800GS, my girlfriends Dad owns one and i have had lots of fun riding it. Little under powered but a great weapon of choice for a mix between the street and serious single track action. Thats from my years of exp and 1000's of $$$ invested in this game, but each man has there own opinion. The truimph and multistrada are both excellent bikes! I lean towards the multi cause of this handling charactoristics but in the reality they are both evenly matched.

KYU! Its your turn now, now i do have love for the ninja 250 and i feel everyone can learn from it i do however disagree with the masses on its quality traits as a good first bike. That being said the most fun ive ever had on a ninja 250 was at thunderhill when myself and several other racer buddies went ripping around the track in a "no brakes" contest. As far as your next bike, id serisouly steer you towards a dual sport or supermoto of some sort. If i could do it all over again, thats the route i would have taken. You learn 10x more riding around on a dirtbike on the street then you ever will on a sportbike. All the fastest guys in the world learned on dirt and just cause you cant make it dirt tracking doesnt mean you cant learn a thing or two on the street with one of these bikes. The best of it all is they are extremely inexpensive to run, buy and even crash. Hell you dump an xr650 or drz400 at speed chances are if you are alright you can pick the damn thing up and ride home or continue to your destination. Bikes that are good for begineers are the drz400 either sm or with the dirt wheel setup, im biased towards the dirt wheel setup cause i know you learn more on it and in time will go alot faster and safer! Also the klx or klr650, the dr650 and some might even argue the xr650l or R model although the later is a real beast of a bike but nothing to much for a beginner. And dont think these bikes arent fast enought. Truth is, and i dont mean to sound like an ass, take whoever you know who is the best rider in your group of friends, put em on the best sport bike you can find, and they wont be able to keep me in sight for 1 corner if im riding any of the bikes meantioned above (short of riding on the freeway, which btw if anyone asks u to race them on the freeway tell em there a fucking idiot, save the 160mph times for the track! Hell i go 175 down the straight at thill then switch to full braking before leaning all the way over at 110 through turn 1!) It all comes down to the rider!!! CBR is a great bike but imma put my money your more mistfied with its looks and maybe even its attraction of speed. Play it smart and build up ur talents. If you have to have a sportbike then your probably gonna get one regardless of my lecture just be careful. A 600 is plenty fast to kill you, but after you get some time on a dual sport you will know how to handle a 600 with a breeze and be showing all your buddies what its like to powerslide coming out of the turns.

Thats it for that subject for today as im already tired of typing and i havent even hit the lecture on gear!

GEAR!!! GEAR!!! GEAR!!! GET IT NOW! LOTS OF IT! Dont buy a cheap fucking helmet, dont ride in jeans with no armor, and if i catch u in short sleeves and nike jordans imma bitch slap the shit out of you! Here some basic guidlines,

Anything under $400 tends to be utter fucking garbage. Its ur head, u use it every second of your life, dont cheap out in this area. Get a Shoei or Aria helmet. Your head will fit one but not the other depending on its shape. These are the top two companies. Others that are as good but not really the same are Suomy, and sometimes AGV. Other then that stay away from HRC, icon, etc...

Jacket: Most leather jackets with armor will do you great, make sure it has armor! If you can afford dianese do it! If not get an alpinestar. Stay away from joe rocket and frank thomas! They will fall apart before they even hit the ground

Gloves: in the end gloves have a huge sliding scale. Held and Racer gloves are my personal favorite due to the protection offered but in reality most name brand gloves that go past your wrist will do the job.

Boots: Get good ones! They will save you 100k in surgery when u hit the deck. I personally only ride in Daytona boots but they are extremely pricey and not in reach of most average riders. Get some actual riding boots, not stunter boots that only barely go past ur ankle. Get the full on boot, it may seem dorky but with time it will feel comfortable and save you the injury. If you want to walk around all say in the boot think about getting a good dual sport boot like the Sidi adventure boot or the daytona trans open GTX. both are extremely comfortable without sacrificing protection.

Pants: not everyone wants to ride in an aerostich. Look em up, they are great suits. I ride in one but there are times when i want to go out or something where i want to have something decent on. U can wear normal clothes under the stich but then the suit can end of being a hassle. So if your going to ride around in jeans make sure they are sturdy, carharts or dickys do great, ghetto brands just melt to your leg! SEE PIC BELOW! If your going to ride in jeans get some basic $20 knee pads for underneath your jeans. They work great for impact and will save you knees! Option Knee Guards
these are what i wear, i have em in black but hell they are under my jeans and you can even notice them anyways.

BTW in those pics above where it looks like im wearing no gear and just a sweatshirt and jeans, its all a lie! I have a dianese leather jacket with full armor and back protector (Also get one) under my sweatshirt, i got those knee pads under my jeans,and im wearing $600 boots and a $700 helmet, not to meantion $350 gloves. And thats no expensive cause its a name brand but because it provides the best protection>

PLEASE CALL ME, if you have anyquestion, i know we only met once in person but i really do wish you all the best and would hate to see you get hurt in this death sport, And dont get it twisted this is a DEATH SPORT! Statistically speaking if you make it through your first year of riding you will most likely live to see a full career. 90% of motorcycle fatalities are first year riders! And another 60% nation wide could have been prevented with proper gear. Dont get killed or eve paralyzed cause u couldnt afford proper attire, i have PLENTY of spare and that means you have no excuse, im more then willing to get you geared up proper to help give u a fighting chance at this!

You have probably heard the phrase but its actually true, its not if you go down its when you go down. You will crash your motorcycle! Sometimes it wil b stupid, like forgetting to put your foot down at a light or forgetting the kickstand. The other times it will b serious and its best to be prepared.

Also take the MSF safety course. its a good way to get your license and teaches you basic survival strategy

Also being a nerd like me and a car racer as i know you are go out and spend $20 on a book called A twist of the Wrist 2 by kieth code. Its an easy read with tons of pictures and diagrams, its only like 40 pages long but will get you accustomed with motorcycle dynamics and how to properly ride one! A MUST READ FOR ANY NEW RIDER and even a veteran!

I have at least another 10 chapters i could write on the subject im tired of staring at a screen, ill get back to it later. PM your number and ill help set you up.

For you Trak!

And this is what ghetto pants do to your leg! If you gonna wear jeans where good ones! These were southpoles and they melted to my leg giving me a 3rd degree burn!

Hey guys

I'm new here, submitted app recently for the CS division. but i do ride and fix bikes.

I used to work for Empire Motorsports as a Service manager (Specialize Sports Bikes)

& Team Yamaha (on call for track days) - kid does the tire warmers/ re-fuel/ changing tires / air check and etc.

this is me at the track in black shirt

i don't know alot , not a bike wiz but i do ride my 2011 Kawasaki 250 for starters

this was annual halloween ride ^^

and this is my baby


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OP, I started on a Ninja 250 and it was a great bike to learn on but I outgrew it FAST. 600 CBR now, the long term plan includes more displacement in my future. The race is on between a CBR 1000, Hauyabusa, or Ducati. Prob will end up with the CBR (this is the 5 year plan) but if by some good fortune I have a few extra bucks around when the time comes the duc is my second choice. The busa, well it would just be sick to own a busa.


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when I lived in Honolulu, I had a 600R Kawi Ninja. I only rode it for about 2 months. Got into a light accident. That was enough for me. I parked the bike and never rode it again. I don't know what my dad did to it after I left for Army. My short riding experience.
OP, I started on a Ninja 250 and it was a great bike to learn on but I outgrew it FAST. 600 CBR now, the long term plan includes more displacement in my future. The race is on between a CBR 1000, Hauyabusa, or Ducati. Prob will end up with the CBR (this is the 5 year plan) but if by some good fortune I have a few extra bucks around when the time comes the duc is my second choice. The busa, well it would just be sick to own a busa.
My roommate has a 2008 Honda Repsol CBR 1000 (fake) he has the one with the chinese fairings but to the people who don't know bike they would easily assume that its expensive.

My next bike i'm looking for is either a 600 cbr 06-07 or cbr 1000 04-05!

If you are going to invest on a hayabusa or ducati please think twice i urge you! please doing maintenance on those bikes are such a pain in the ass! and you're investing twice as much for OEM parts if you wreck or drop it. I've seen so many people dump their busa & ducati in vegas so the insurance would give them back their money. (alot of people would scam the bike insurance company just because they are unsatisfied with their bikes)
This is a video of my boy Traffic starting his stunt class on the streets
Anyways you guys do any rides?


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Having a bike is hella fun if you have a group of people riding with you. I did have a 600CBR Suzuki 2005 but got ripped off when i was in DC. I support all riders and it really makes you aware of all cyclists after you have ridden a bike. So please be mindful of all riders and enjoy the ride yourself. I can't ride any longer since my accident but damn do I miss riding. I do have 2 helmets from Shoei and jackets from Suzuki. If anyone want them let me know...
Having a bike is hella fun if you have a group of people riding with you. I did have a 600CBR Suzuki 2005 but got ripped off when i was in DC. I support all riders and it really makes you aware of all cyclists after you have ridden a bike. So please be mindful of all riders and enjoy the ride yourself. I can't ride any longer since my accident but damn do I miss riding. I do have 2 helmets from Shoei and jackets from Suzuki. If anyone want them let me know...
CBRs are Hondas bro