I was lookin at ice's album of our old MOTD images and it struck my that they were all very nicely done. I understand why we don't use them anymore (beautiful boobies are not necessarily professional) but I was wondering if we could get a new one made along the lines of the old one. The current MOTD is very plain, and I think that have a classy looking one like we used to does a lot for first impressions of the clan and the server. Just a thought.


MOTD picture.png

I am by no means a great artist but I think something like that would be pretty snazy if some one knows how to add the cool effects like are on the old ones. Unless of course there is some sort of reason for us abandoning them in the first place that flew right over my head...
tits or gtfo.

haha jk. just try to make sure, if you do add stuff in, that there is no ads. my internet is slow and i hate advertisements on motds. i also like being able to hear everything, so i just quit those servers.
I keep my MOTD in the text-only mode. I find the images annoying, especially when they have linked sounds or animated gifs in the past. I've made a couple for us that were simple and clean but likely died with the old forums. I'll see if I can find them again.


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Dehugger, I like that one and these younger kids with two second attention spans may actually glance at a graphic. Maybe not stare at it long enough to actually read the thing but maybe adding a watermark of some titties might help with that.