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More admins added to the CS:GO server!


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WarFreakz & The Sad Zealot were added to the admins list for our CS:GO server.
We definitely needed more admins and our users could use more moderation on our CS:GO server.

We want to be able to deliver an excellent service to all the players that play on The 47 Ronin Server.

The 47 Ronin Registered The 47 Ronin Council Moderating

Joshua Lein

cool. Glad to see it. Dont do anything crazy guys, give out warnings, be 100% sure a guy is hacking, and get mics maybe lol. jk doesnt really matter if you have mics

A Stable Carbocation

Staff member
I'm not crazy, and I always err on the side of caution when it comes to accusations of hacking :). It's all good. I'm just excited to be able to change map and mute, lol.


The 47 Ronin
Lol I don't think we are crazy, and i often do give out a lot of warnings xD and always do take demos thanks to A-rich who taught me LOL after failing countless times xD JAJA XD