Month of August Donations!


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Last month of summer :(

August Donations:

Dickfor $5
Surrender $10
usmcsection8 $20
Ghonzo $5
Uncle P $10
HavocSp $500
The Hamburglar $50
Captain Cap $20
mbenson $5
lockong $50
P@@bear $20

Thank you all for supporting our community, without you we would not have been here.
- The 47 Ronin Family


The Ronin Enforcer
The 47 Ronin
"Last month of summer

July Donations:
Dickfor $5
Surrender $10"

it says july :x lol
but yah still love the server! jus doing my part once a month
i hate summer about summer - kids are home, they have friends always calling/staying over, they drink my pepsi,grocery bill is 4-5 times the norm, they take over my comps, i nvr have socks, they wont wash my truck even though i take them everywhere like thier personal taxi, and they always ask for money.


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That's unfortunate :(
My grocery bill is always high because I have friends and mainly family always coming over...


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Thank you all for helping us make this months donations!
It also shows how dedicated our members are to make sure we make our monthly goals every month!