Modern Warefare for $48 or $51 if your in cali...


The 47 Ronin
By the way its Modern Warfare 3... cant edit title -_- lol
Use this code at newegg when checking out: EMCYTZT636.

Enjoy :)


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you can edit titles you just have to click 'go advanced'

That is a good deal considering it's regularly $60 for about the same game they released 4 years ago. Well, with updated weapons and attachments.
that brings me to a question about bf3..
if I preorder bf3 on newegg.. will they give me the cd key right when released? so I dont have to wait for them to ship it to me after the game is released..
basically I want to be able to download the client online and then use that cd key so I can instantly get it.


The 47 Ronin
Thnx for the post about the offer.. but as for me.. F*** MW3 With a Cerealness.... I want my BF3.. Look.. Mikey' Likes it,,, He REALLY REALLY LIKES IT!!


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just buy BF3 ship-to-store at gamestop, you can get it at midnight on release. or go to any game store that sells it and pre-order.
I don't mind paying, but if I can get it for a discount, awesome. I just wanna make sure i get it on day of release is all. either online or hardcopy