Moammar Gadhafi


The 47 Ronin
Why are these leaders (AKA Sadam and Gadhafi) would hide themself in holes, at least died with dignity, fackers!!!

My dad told me that 4x South VietNam generals died with their own bullets in the head in their offices or battle ground. Now, that's a way to die!!!
Gadhafi's last quote was along the lines "stop this, I'm like a father to you all" as the mob surrounded him. Obviously that was guy who didn't quiet understand his people very well. Glad to see him go, hope the same for Assad in Syria. I know people are worried about Libya's future, but can they do worse than Gadhafi? Probably not, even if they do become an extremist nation. The Arab Spring is a good thing in the long run, History will show.

el jorge loco

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Cocaine is one helluva drug.

But in all seriousness, his kids are even worse than the father. Gaddafi was delusional, but his kids were total psychopaths. I think there was a story about how his daughter took one of her servants and then burned her alive because she got mad. Poor woman survived, but is forever scarred by this monstrosity of a person.