Military Decision


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Healthcare will be needed forever.
Doctors and pharmacists will always be needed.
Its an excellent career and it will always be loaded with benefits.


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Thanks for the help guys, I needed it. I believe im for sure going to get out and go to college for a degree and just serve my time in the reserves so that I can keep my benefits.


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I think thats a good move. But the only thing that really matters is what YOU want to do. It's going to be your career so you better love it.


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You really have good, valid reasons to get out of the service. Follow your dreams. Can I call you short timer now? Short!!! Hey, don't they have re-enlistment bonuses nowadays? I guess only for some MOS's. Not trying to get you to re-enlist again, but just want some info. Take care Fuzion and good luck with your future.


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If its for money Fuzion... your in the wrong line of work. Regardless your gonna be taken care of.... trust me if you worried about pay or other shit.... don't be. 1 thing I learned is don't read the news.... its full of a bunch of propaganda and other bs that will only just piss you the fuck off and get more publicity which is what it is there for publicity!


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6 years is not short tuc0 lol. And yes its something that I want havoc, but I needed more peer insight from more then just myself, but others who haved done there time already. And nut, its not the news that has been keepin me up to date, its my boss. They've been telling us if we can't pay our housing fee's and get kicked out we can move in with them. Im sorry but if the country's economy so bad I gotta live with my boss cause I only get paid enough to get by, that's a good enough reason. Also, money isn't always the issue, its about the location, I fucking hate living where I do right now, there are so many more reasons I can list on here but im happy to not be working and on vacation, reflect on my time and work, I wanna go back to school though, check that off my list of things to do.
Yeah but tuc0 the were lucky to have served there 20 already, if I don't get paid for a full month, im fucked, would have to claim bankrupcy and then what, I don't think so. My dads makin 100k a year and offered me a job at his hospital so im gonna go to college and work for him I think.
I think the medical industry is as stable as it gets.