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middle earth: Shadow of Mordor


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youre complaining the mobs are too hard to kill? hmmm... i think its great i dont one shot every orc/monster in a group and that if i do collect enough of a mob - it gets difficult to deal with them (by not being able to use finishers without having to dodge/block or having to time it perfectly while others are stunned/knocked down) ive only played about 6½ hours and ive died once so far. when i got overconfident and collected said mob and ran into a corner without a way out lol rekt.

anyway the game isnt a 10/10 or 9/10 by any means and def not "revolutionary" at all. but like carb said, its definitely 'good'. id give it somewhere around an 8 so far, granted that can change for better or worse. also, coming off of playing destiny which i got tired of in the first 3 weeks (but still admit its a solid 7/10 imo)... whats important is that im enjoying it and dont regret buying it. but to each his own and thats just my 2 cents.

on that note.. i should prolly get a couple more hours in right now and kill some warchiefs!


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i don't think the game is too hard just the mobs are (or atleast take way too much time to kill) makes me feel like my characters not that badass, and fights lasting that long with only that amount just gets annoying to me. the game itself isn't hard, just so called trash mobs take forever to kill.

hack and slash for days


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I love doing 16 linked shadow kills and then removing the heads of all those dumb enough to still be rushing me.