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Mid-Engined Corvette


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For you Shaun69fbody. Design it after the F-35 (F-22 and Aventador), and price it at $65,000 base to make it affordable for normal people.

"The second reason is less engineering-driven: Chevy wants to finally move the Corvette past the basic proportions and form language it has used since the C3. Today’s Stingray is a dream car for men on the wrong side of 50. But by updating the exterior with a radical remix of its visual masses, the Corvette could sweep the odd Aventador, LaFerrari, P1, and 918 posters off adolescents’ bedroom walls. As Chevy well knows, kids grow up quickly, and the fortunate ones convert their salaries to sports cars. Read on for how the C8 will take shape." -- Motor Trend.com

C8 Chevrolet Corvette - The Mid-Engine American Supercar - Road & Track

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Col. Gaspar

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If I could ever justify a purchase like that I would... Damn that is a pretty car... I prefer vehicles I don't have to wash... Like a truck or my prius


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The vette gets me wet. I mean them... the Vette gets 'em wet!

That does look nice... I always wondered why they never used exotic styles on cheaper cars.

You make me wonder too now. The new Vette is relatively cheap, but its performance is as good the exotic imports.