Microwave tricks

I learned a long time ago to cut a wedge into a grape and you can watch electricity fly through the gap in the grape. Does anyone else know any really really cool microwave tricks?
no but I know a stupid little trick with pepper water and soap... get a bowl of water, put some pepper in it to semi cover the top.. put soap on your finger tip and put your finger in the center... dont ask for the results just do it, its cool.

kind of offtopic I know, but I felt like I had to contribute something... I heard if you put your whole drawer of silverware in your microwave that it makes it work better later on.
If you put CD/DVD's discs in the microwave, they sparkle out. Anything metal creates voltage arcs (sparks).

Light bulbs are cool, especially florescent light. Put a regular 60watt bulb in a bowl of water and it'll turn all sorts of color and explode, if left in too long.

Fire can actually turn to plasma if you put a jar over it.

I've microwaved everything you can think of, even batteries (got a little scary).

Marshmellows are fun because they expand and you can purchase the hug marshmellows now.

Umm, let's see other cool shit: plug two ends of a power cord into a pickle and then plug that into a wall socket at night, watch it glow.
I stuck my finger in the door of the microwave to see what it would do (kinda like the anti-riot microwave dish) it just really hot but didn't get burned, kinda weird.