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Mclovin will bite here...


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Name:Todd Daniels
Age: /03/10/92
Location: Washington state near Everett in Monroe
In Game nickname/nicknames: mclovin, steamroller, koalabear
Your favorite hobby: internets
Your favorite movie: TROY hands down, brad pitt is my MAN
Games you play: i wont even start this, besides my guild i lead in elder scrolls online CS is there nowadays plus mass effect and dragon age.
How many hours a week are you online:
Your previous squad/team: i am apart/owner of a 10+ active pvp guild in elder scrolls online, with an active teamspeak and 2 events a week.
How long have you been playing in our server: pretty sure since '04. and i'd like to say i've matured... if not alot, atleast the slightest.
Why do you want to join The 47 Ronin: definetly the best people. hands down; i haven't stuck here with goof people for nothing

i will tag members if i need to.. but i don't think that's necessary.

Col. Gaspar

The 47 Ronin
I'm willing to give him a try... Seriously you can't be squawking when you high and drunk... That has to stop

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