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-MC- Recruiting


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Thanks for applying. the recruitment process is long and tiring and admin isnt giving out just for being a donator or even making the squad, one needs to be a well respected member of the community to obtain adminship. Keep active on the forums and in games and once again welcome to the community.
Good to know and ty.

Nice! Quality post MC. Glad you decided to take on the task of late night admin! we do require that kinda job :). I'm sure overtime (and I mean time) you'll see how things workout and we'll get you situated with the team, just be active around the forums, let us get to know you first and maybe, we'll let you into this family we got going on here. Good App overall though and thanks for sticking to the template. Enjoy your gaming while your time with us =)
Can't wait to see how things work out and I am enjoying my time so far, thx.

What the people above said!

Very nice application!

Be sure to stay active on both the forums and server, keep building your post count and start to get to know members in the server.
Been getting some good welcomes on the servers from members as well and it's been great.

deff a good app man...

guess ill see you around?
Yup, everyday or so I'm playing on the servers to forget some stress from coding all day.

awesome app! stay active and good luck :)


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Good app. Haven't seen/noticed you in pub but thats not out of the realm of potability as I try to tune most ppl out.. Glad to see you post an app though and look forward to seeing your posts in forums. As for admin... like L said we do not just let anyone have admin nor do we just let the first person to donate in the clan as well.... we run a tight knit community here and expect the utmost from our clan members and even more so from our admin! We always welcome new comers w/ open arms but we need quality people that are not here and gone... stick around... let us get to know you in forums and pub.