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Maximus vii Gene microATX


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I have consulted the Sock-US dollar exchange rate (Hanes Men's 12 Pack Crew Socks 6-12 - Walmart.com Your offer stands at ~$410, except in socks.

Unfortunately, I cannot accept an offer in socks. Having put some thought into it I do not have enough space in my sock drawer for that many socks. I considered other things that I could do with that many socks and decided that there wouldn't be enough of them to build a sock-based space elevator, so they would just sit around. There's a chance I could re-sell them on the sock black market but I got out of that game years ago. Those guys are real cut-throat.

As such I will hold your offer in consideration but I cannot yet close out this sale.

Some more info:
This mobo is basically brand new. I popped a CPU in it once but ended up going with a different mobo for my build after changing my mind about the computer case and what I wanted out of it. All the parts/manuals/stickers/I/O backplate/soundcard daughterboard stuff is in there.



The 47 Ronin
oooh, nice board. i like how, in the initial image, the product took up about 5% of the entire image, lol.

I'd buy this from you if I had a mATX case layin around... but unfortunately, I only have a miniITX case layin around. :(