Magic shaving powder

Does anyone have any experience using Magic brand shaving powder? I know it's designed for black men, but maybe other people use it. I work with food and have to shave stubble every day, totally sucks.
only time ive ever seen it was in the military and it smelled like bad eggs.ive only seen blk guys use it,they used a butter knife to shave the stubble.
We used it in the jail I work in...called it Magic Shit instead of Magic Shave thanks to the smell. It's not good for fair skinned white people. You can burn the crap out of your face. The more water you add, the thinner it is and the less power it has. So if your hair is thick and your skin is fair, I would suggest Nair.
Haha boneless, thanks for the suggestion, but I've used the extra strength mens nair, did nothing for me.

And thanks to both of you, I'll steer clear of it, no need to smell like shit. I'm gonna go ahead and try shaving with a single blade and see how that goes :D