Looking for a new full tower.


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i have an antec lanboy air... REALLY open air case.. and i love it... only prob is that it does collect dust like no other case ive owned, so cleaning every month is a must.
are you looking for full tower or mid?

and the lanboy really custom- like... you can make the case however you want really

kk i just read your title :p...
this tower is the closest you are going to get for a FULL sized "mid tower" so to speak...
LOTS of open space, i think up to 7 HDD and 3 CD/DVD

and water cooling holes of thats what you are into
I will second this. The thing stays super cool under pressure and is just cool looking. During my last upgrade I brought it into my office to install bunch of stuff (SSD, GTX 570, new power supply, fresh Win7 etc..) and the other IT guys thought I had some crazy server at my desk. I am very impressed with it. Zero complaints.