Long time no see :)

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Welcome back BB. I've tried to follow some of your adventures and shenanigans on FB but I guess I just don't get the lingo. It's okay because it happens a lot. (y)


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She will not have any excuse anymore not to come to the meet.
Unfortunately I won't be able to come since I am a very busy person :(
At least not this year yet..
Make sure you don't fly over on the 11th. They are going to have a reunion attack.

And I think you still owe someone a pic for a killstreak. LOOOOL.
oh god cap! hahahahha. i am driving to california...4 12 hour days. yeeeeeahhh buddy. i do not owe anybody pictures! and i'll finally be in the same time zone as a lot of you so i don't go to bed before everyone decides to get on. i'm really excited to start playing again, but i'm going to be god awful :/