Long time no see :)

Hey guys, I'm Bossbitch! For those of you who don't know me, I used to play on this server all the time & I really enjoy playing with this group of people. Living in the middle of the woods, I had limited access to internet and it was virtually impossible to get a good ping :( I've been incredibly busy since school ended. It's been a crazy summer...tonight is actually the first night I am staying at my house since may. I'm gunna try to be more active in the server/forums and I hope to meet all of the new people, (which I'm sure there are tons of you). I miss you guys bunches and hope to see ya soon <3
Life is really good! Bossman spent the summer with me, I got him a job at the camp I worked at. He just went home this morning and though I am gunna miss him, I am going to school in southern Cali this year :) I'll be driving out there September 11th! Hopefully I'll be able to meet some of you guys while I'm out there :)


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o_O! All the way down to the west coast?
At least you don't have to worry about hurricanes and terrible winters here.
We will be having a meet this upcoming November in SoCal.


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BTW Boss, last time you posted you said you were back, don't take off again for few months. :LOL:
How is your wrist now? Did you take off the metal?:sick:
yep! got all my piercings out. 2 out of the 3 holes healed so well..you can barely even see them. i plan to get it re-pierced as soon as i save up the money. i know i know i disappeared :( i didn't realize my internet was gunna be so bad when i was at camp. i'll be playing this week..i pinkie promise!


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Hey BosS!! Welcome back! Was wondering where the heck you went mia after the last post of coming back :p

Glad you're back and had a great summer :D Catch you in the server hopefully school doesnt overwhelm me >.<