Lets all hope this Monday or Tuesday steam fixes CS:S.


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Lets all hope this Monday or Tuesday steam finally releases another update that will finally fix the ghost players issue between TF2 and CS:S.
This is hurting our server population.
Hopefully Valve pulls their heads out of their asses after 3 weeks.


To add more fail to this, since the very last update of trying to "fix" this, i've been noticing people carrying invisible guns.. Good job valve. Keep up the good work you dumb mother fuckers.
Yeah every update there is something wrong with at least one thing or another. I remember when all the servers kept restarting and crashing, and where it restarted the servers restrictions where it was a no awp and auto server but then all of a sudden people had awps and autos. Haha fucking valve.


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No fix yet!
It's been almost a month, valve is disappointing.
I think its a conspiracy!
They are wanting to kill CS:S!