Left 4 Dead 2 server


The 47 Ronin
Hey guys i just downloaded L4D2 and i was wondering if anyone still plays the server? I know that their is a link up there next to GameMe Stats, but how do i save the server to L4D2 so i don't have to come to the site every time i want to play, If there is a way, thanks.


The 47 Ronin
From my understanding you cannot save any servers in L4D2. The way people access our L4D2 server is by bringing up console while they are in the lobby and putting in our address. Which someone else will post on this thread cause I don't know it. haha I'll add you as a friend next time your on so I can invite you when we play, which seems to be every night almost.

el jorge loco

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Conversely, you can always connect via our site.

Go to the Gamer Stats tab, click L4D2 server, and then there will be a join button on the following page.


The 47 Ronin
yeah, because of the way the lobby system is setup for L4D, there is no real way of just joining the server, but most of the time our guys set it up every night anyways to play. just get them on ur friends list.


The 47 Ronin
The command "openserverbrowser" opens a server browser I believe. If it doesn't, some programmers have made server browsers ( example: Tool: Ingame Server Browser )

and the command you enter in console to use our server is "mm_dedicated_force_servers"


The 47 Ronin
And Yes We Play on our L4d2 Server Quite a Lot.. We have more and more joining all the time.. we usually play at nights or weekends.. depending on who's on and such.. plus since BLOOD HARVEST has been released as well its going to make for many MANY more matches :)