Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven HD


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Alright IceW!!! LedZep is one of my fav's too. Kashmir is my favorite from them though. You should know Kashmir ...
Anyway, I would like to visit that place one day... I want to see the mountain views.

Kashmir is bordered and territorial disputes between 3 countries: China, India, and Pakistan. And, here's an interesting info:

In 2011 it was revealed that the Pakistani military had been funneling money to politicians in the United States over the previous two decades to influence U.S. policy towards Kashmir. -- Wikipedia.org

Oh come on, I've been posting shit like this forever. Now you assholes acknowledge it. Personal favorite of mine here. I f'ing love the bbc sessions, they took a bunch of already good studio versions then just rocked the shit out of them even more. I think I've had it in my car stereo for over a year now. The girlfriend gets pissed off all the time when she has to drive with me hah.