Land Before Time

Anyone remember this?

I cried every time I watched this when younger.
I would cry when Littlefoot is chasing a cloud that looks like his mom while my grandpa gives me a haircut.
I watch, then rewind my VHS, then watch again.

Such an epic cartoon movie.

Land Before Time was ahead of its time.
This was Bambi of my time.
Then Lion King was the 2nd stage of my growing up.
I watched these all the time as a child. My usual movie rotation through the week was land before time, jungle book, star wars, random animated movies, (we had no tv servcie) rinse and repeat the whole cycle


The 47 Ronin
Wow i didnt know anyone remembered this!! I used to watch these when i was little alot and Disney channel use to show this way back. Man i think im gonna go look my stuff in garage and see if i can find the VCR for these had maybe half the movies
dinosaur rub on tattoos were soooooooooooo cool. then it was glittery dinosaur stickers on your binder/folders. power rangers helped the dinosaur craze too.

But back to "Land Before Time", the first one was the BESTEST BEST, the following ones were eh compared to the first.