Ladybug in the house !!!!!...... :)

did you say you need l4d2? add me on steam as you're friend and I'll forward you a copy. btw Im suicide george, I like long walks on the beach, kickin it to some old school tunes and pwning everyone in the pub. if you need something don't hesitate to ask. corrections officer? no better way to vent some work related anger than jumping in the pub yelling some convicts name right before you shoot a noob in the dome. actually you should youtube it I bet you would be the next sensation. I would seriously laugh my ass off too something like that. good times.
Another female GREAT! jk ... well looking at your name and pink text im guessing you are a ladybug so yah welcome hope to see you in CSS were I will have a very average KDR and yell at the hit detections faults of the game
LB, Suicide George and I and a few others play some serious Company of Heroes. If you like WWII RTS games, your more than welcome to join us. George or I can also gift you a copy thru steam.