Ladybug in the house !!!!!...... :)


whats up.... Hows everyone doing... My friend corona aka fred i guess lol,,,, have been friends for many many years i backed off gaming for a while to get my life rolling in the right directions.. And now am back and hoping to find a good gaming clan with great people and just have fun shotting people in the face lol, :) am 25 years old i live in beautiful southern california i work for the department of correction in the city of riverside i love and ENJOY my job and life,, am out going and just love to take life by the horns! Hope to get to shot some of you guys in the battlefield see you there..


The 47 Ronin
Welcome..Fred couldn't have referred you to a better place.. Come play on our Public ( Tha' Pub!) Server in CounterStrike Source.. or if you have the game feel free to join up for one of our many Left 4 Dead 2 Games... Cheers!
Yes i have css i would love to join you soon for sure.. I was in one of the servers earlier... But i really would love to play some gun game forsure and i need to get left for dead i only have the first one