L4D2 Versus Revival


The 47 Ronin
I have been playing some L4D2 campaigns lately, trying to get back in the groove of it since I'm very rusty. I'm trying to get some all friend games going again, which a few of us used to do nearly every night for a while.

I posted in the forums of a CSS server I play in asking if any of them play l4d2 and if they'd be interested in friendly matches with us, so if we could just get 3 interested people, we could get some action going.

I have also been talking to this one guy who used to wipe the floor with all of us and he hasn't played in a while either, but is interested in getting some versus games going again.

Anyway, lemme know if anyone is down for some old school fun!


47R|Source Division
The 47 Ronin
played it for the first time when i met up with sAmmi, L and Buddhist... you know, that night you didn't wanna join us. anyhow, that game was fun, but it soon made me dizzy when Buddhist started making John Cena run around, lol.