Just banned F-22-Gaiden because, simply, he is NO fun...

el jorge loco

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Yeah, I'll be the first to admit that my mic isn't the best, but he just went on and on about it.

He even complained that his sound system was better than the game's sound output. I.E., "FUCK! I can hear you creeping up on me from behind, but you aren't there."

He sounds like a dude who spends all his hard earned cash on his rig and accessories. Don't get me wrong, a good build just makes your entertainment fun, but I imagine him being this dude:



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Kid is annoying. He bitches more than Cut by a long shot. If he protest then we lift ban for GG. Don't ban from pub unless he starts again and will not stop after being told to stop bitching. I heard the guy bitch for a whole map the other day. Fucking annoying as hell. If he dont stop then ban for a week and if he comes back and continues then perma ban.
I mute him the second I enter the server. I think if you look at it as his bitching turns some players, and even regs away from the server, it's bad for the server. I was on when he made the Mexican comment, and ive asked him a few times to cool it. So it's a tough call, kinda annoying but a good mute cures all...
When he's calm, he can be pretty fun to play with. When he's frustrated or whatever, he's pretty much the biggest douche ever. He'll probably straighten up with a stern warning.