Just banned F-22-Gaiden because, simply, he is NO fun...


The 47 Ronin
I can become extremely frustrated in the GG sever as well. Like when I get knifed back to nade level 2 or 3 times in a row. I just don't tend to hold my mic button down when I am screaming and hitting the wall. haha I don't have anything against the guy, he is mildly annoying in the regular server and just gets angry as shit in the GG server, I would mute him when it stopped being funny.
Lol, sorry doob. All I do is knife on the gg server.

I don't have anything against gaiden but he does rage a lot over everything negative that happens to him. It seems like he doesn't even enjoy playing the game.
the guy just has a bad attitude. i was playing on the server a few weeks ago and all he did was whine, complain and talk shit about everybody including the admins. i had to warn him off a few times before calm down. if i catch him pulling his same stunt, im going to give him a day or week ban. he's been warned enough times.


The 47 Ronin
He's actually tempted my ban hammer several times, but I was having a good day so I let it slide. What? No, I don't let my emotions affect my judgement! Haha jk. Anyways... if I catch him acting up again he's gone.
Doob frustrates me in gun game server.. and the main server. I curse and rage a lot as well but Gaidens rage is like super annoying. I don't think he should be banned for raging, I think he should be banned for calling someone a fag.
I'd like to differ Cutscene from F-22.
Earlier today, I was talking on my mic and he started going off on random complaints. "I don't understand Mexican" or "You Mexican's never win". I understand that my phone earbuds aren't the GREATEST mics, but he didn't need to be outright rude since he doesn't know me and we're unfamiliar./QUOTE]

Haha, I remember this. Yeah, you had your phone mic and it wasn't great, but it was decipherable. F-22 was being a dick about the quality and made negative associations with being Mexican. If you're new (or even if you're not) and make a slip up about race, apologize immediately and be done with it. He tried to justify how Mexicans weren't great etc etc, that what he said was merely a fact.

I don't take personal offence, but it's not cool for the many people on the server who are offended.