Just banned F-22-Gaiden because, simply, he is NO fun...


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I'd like to differ Cutscene from F-22.

When Cutscene isn't drunk or high, he will rage about people blocking him, teamflashing him repeatedly in a dumb fashion, or not doing the objective effectively. These are legitimate claims. However, when F-22 rages, it's because someone killed him and he felt it was unfair. Yes, Cutscene has a tendency to bait, but this guy will just avoid dying just to keep his weapon when he is the last guy who can defuse the bomb or rescue the hosties. In short, a stats-whore.

Earlier today, I was talking on my mic and he started going off on random complaints. "I don't understand Mexican" or "You Mexican's never win". I understand that my phone earbuds aren't the GREATEST mics, but he didn't need to be outright rude since he doesn't know me and we're unfamiliar. Bans have been legitimately given for folks who are generally unpleasant and have a negative effect on the server. Yes, we can always just perma-mute him or personally mute him if we don't want to hear it, but when it gets to the point when more than one person is unhappy about the guy being around, is he WORTH keeping around on the server? Dallas has banned a guy before and Ice accepted the judgement because the guy was just dragging down the fun on server.
LOL hannah i remember that earlier today and you were like " You being racist now?" XD He got scared and started making dumb excuse.

Anyhow this guy is a douche i mean his rage isnt even funny like Cut and Cuts reasons are pretty legit like Hannah said
Ok ok, my level headed friend HAZE talked me down outta my bell-tower. I didn't ban him from the main server. BUT, I don't think he should be playing on the gun-game server, it's TOO close quarters and can make even calm players BOIL. I saw him on the main, shot a warning shot over his bow and we were cool.

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Yeah, when I said I'd make it my mission to see him just get banned, he warmed up to me REAL quick.

Though I find that I am relatively friendly and fun to play with, especially that giggle. You can't help but be overwhelmed by a warm and soothing feeling like filtered miller genuine draft. Anyways, I'm trying to have fun, and yeah I get mad, but for the most I go "FUCK!" and that is that. I'll switch teams, leave and cool off, or just trudge on mad but not try to make everyone else's day worse.
HAHaha thats funny, well I think it would be fair to give him a one more chance its not like he is a hacker or major racist/sexist and if he does not learn smack him silly with teh ban hammerz
Yea, we all seem to be in agreement, gonna give him a decent chance THEN ban, at least so I can say, "i gave him a decent chance."

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Also two more things, and sorry for the random post repeats.

(1) When I was on the T's on Dust2, I asked my teammates to follow me into B after I cleared it. What I said: "Come on foos, let's go, into B, go go go go. It's clear." And being a smart-ass, F-22 said: "Of course no one will follow you, look at how you talk."

(2) All that being said, I know a lot of folks who just need to get their shit checked in order for them to get in line, but keep an eye out.


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i've played with him a bit recently... maybe it's because he knew i was an admin, but he didn't rage the 2 or 3 times i slayed him for being a stat whore (bomb planted, wrong side of map hiding, etc)... and when he did rage from being killed in regular game play (unfairly, i'm sure), it wasn't a racist-filled rant or anything too out of the ordinary

just my $.02