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Name: Justin Fleming
Age: 26
In Game nickname/nickname: Overkill

Your favorite hobby: Games / Golf / Guns
Your favorite movie: Get him to the Greek

Games you play: Played COD4 up to Black Ops and BFBC2 on xbox. I don't like how BF3 feels on the consoles so I'm goona give pc gaming a shot.
How many hours a week are you online: Way to much time, I dont have a gf at the moment so I'll usually be on when I'm not at work. I work from (7am - 3pm)

Your previous squad/team: We wernt really a clan or squad. We were just a couple of friends who keep in touch through video games, the military likes to move us around but its a good way in touche
How long have you been playing in our server: I'm not sure if I have or not, it was pretty hectic at times trying to find a open lobby in general. I pretty much just floated around what would let me in.

Why do you want to join The 47 Ronin: Like I mentioned earlier all my buddies who play FPS are going to be doing it on Xbox. So I'm just looking for a group of people who enjoy the game and want to have a fun time playing it.
Tell us about you: Well I'm an above average gamer when it comes to games like COD and BF. I play every aspect in battlefield, i hit Colonel(2) to see what the guns were that I wanted to go for. I maxed out jets but in addition to finding out what all the new perks did I had a hell of alot of fun flying them. So much I just ordered a joystick today lol. I started to get decent with Helo's but ill need alot more practice. All in all I'm a good guy to have around and yea I follow directions. I cant stand people who act childish, or who just complain over every aspect of the game.

Also I had a question, I mainly play hardcore. Do you guys intend on having that implemented or just keeping it Core? Hit me up if you have any questions/comments -Peace


we will have hardcore servers! I seriously HATE non hardcore... no skill in waiting for dorito markers to pop up out of cover. I am also buying a joystick for the flying haha.. soo fun!


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Thank you for your interest in The 47 Ronin!
Please be active on ventrilo, and website. Once the game is released we are looking forward to see you in action.



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Yea I'm with you on that, people like to say "core involves more skill" but to me its the complete opposite. I haaate hitting someone 10 times and having them just walk off. Or being spotted by one guy then having the whole team run at me..screw core.


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Removed from the squad, activity dropped for 2 weeks and didn't let us know that he was going to be away.
New members, it's important for us to always keep us updated.