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Name: Jonathan Montero
Age: 20
In Game nickname/nicknames: Sycros
Your favorite hobby: Playing CS and LoL
Your favorite movie: The dictator that movie was way too funny
Games you play: Bf3,mw3,gow3,CS 1.5,1.6 condition zero source and GO
How many hours a week are you online: Well as soon im off school doing my homework atleast 7 hours on week ends until my head hits the keyboard.
Your previous squad/team: Cal M in 1.6 call aG [animocity gaming]
Why did you leave your last squad: stopped playing cs switched to xbox until go came out then started murkn on GO
How long have you been playing in our server: Everr Since it was up.
Why do you want to join The 47 Ronin: Good Server Friendly people , playing league with ultima hesa good guy and NO AWPS AND AUTOS big plus only noobs use that
Tell us about you: Im from california im studying to become and xray tech me and my girlfriend play counter strike every day shes the love of my life. like partying and playing bp when ever i can :D


The 47 Ronin
ok you only need to fill out one application...
the process takes about a month or two, so please be patient.


Staff member
Welcome to the forums Sycros. Thank you for your application.... it will be reviewed over the future months.... I don't really know you and can't recall having played with you but that means very little as I talk very little. As for the application as Dickfor stated we review applications and it can take awhile as we just don't allow anyone in the clan who post up and app. Stick around show an intrest in the forums as well as the pub as to prove you are not a here today gone tomorrow player as many are... or some one who only plays and doesn't contribute to the community.

As for you Fred... please keep your posts to a... yes for this person or no and reason why. Not a post like your first one. If you have a problem with someone joining the clan then state why you have this problem.

Second your not in the position to make the decision to tell someone to move on w/ out good cause... as I stated before you got beef about someone joining then post your reason.

Sycros... posting what you did after his post doesn't help your position to be recruited.

Better response would have been...

Why a -1? What did I do to you?